• Welcome to IDEA 2015
    The Interior Design Excellence Award
  • Submission Deadline July 30th 2015
    IDEA 2015 Conference October 30th 2015
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Welcome to IDEA Nigeria 2015 The Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) celebrates and honours excellence in the Nigerian Architectural and Interior Design industry. Organized by Essential Interiors magazine, IDEA was founded in recognition of the talents, contributions and success of Design in Nigeria.

Date: 30th October, 2015
Venue: Eko Hotel Lagos Victoria Island Lagos

What People Say

  • With the highest expectations for interior design excellence in Nigeria, I congratulate Nigerian interior designers for their talent, tenacity and thoughtfulness thus far. The work documented in this book and during this award marks the discipline’s evolution. It sets high standards to be superseded, as these designers and their projects pave the way for the continued development of the interior design profession into the next 50 years. Shashi Caan

  • Not even IDEA could imagine the incidental benefits we got from this outing. Friends with the full warmth of their friendship; opportunities for both brotherhood and business links. I'm glad to have gained all those . Let's keep the link. Arc. Ibrahim A Haruna, FNIA, mni

  • This event brings the building professions, it is in the public interest that events like this are held on a regular basis. In fact, almost a duty because they promote the interest of the younger generation in a sector of our livelihood which finds in the arts a catalyst for creative living, driving away our obsession with the nihilism in which we wallow as an excuse for the mediocrity which we see around us. In this is our search for a better way of life and a fulfillment of the aspirations, which we voice, in our daily devotions. Prof. John Godwin